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What is the measured or estimated processing capacity of the machine? (bines per hour)

Our machine is estimated at doing 2 bines per minute.

Does the machine both strip and sort (separate cones from leaves)?

The machine both strips and sorts the cones from the leaves.

What is the retail price to purchase

The purchase price for our machine is still being finalized but will be less than 12k not counting shipping.

What is the recurring cost of operation (non-labor costs such as fuel, maintenance, etc.)?

The maintenance for the machine is average piece of machine that includes grease bearing and chains.

If for sale, when will the machine be available (i.e. delivery from receipt of order)?

The estimated time of delivery from receipt of order is 2 weeks. Dependent on the amount of orders we have at a given time

Have you actually harvested hops with the machine or a related prototype?

We have harvested hops with our prototypes.

What is the power source requirement?

The power source for our machine is electric, runs on 110 v

What is the labor required (persons)?

The labor required is 1 person

What features differentiate your machine from others available?

We require less labor to run our machine. We are truly portable. All other machines use metal stripping finger to harvest and we use rubber. The rubber allows for less damage to the hops. And we are the small enough to move around without taking up to much space in the winter season.

What improvements and/or other models do you plan to make or consider in the future?

We are in the process of developing a larger model for larger scale hops production. The current model we have is for 1-10 acres geared more tours 1-6 acres. We are also in the process of developing a small hop baler and portable dryer.